Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day ’18

20180213_150545 (640x480)

Pancake Day! Little Yum-Yum wanted pancakes with chocolate spread. No surprises there, as he wanted the same last year. However, I thought it would be nice to start from ‘scratch’, so bought a pancake shaker mix (ha!). I also bought back up ready made pancakes too, because I can’t actually make them!

20180213_151219 (578x640)

Max got to work shaking the pancake mix; first without water, then once water was added.

20180213_153125 (640x480)

The first attempt wasn’t too bad,

20180213_153131 (640x480)

the second one didn’t turn out very well.

20180213_153610 (526x640)

Max didn’t want to try ours, even though the last four turned out OK. He opted for the ready made ones (I knew it was a good idea to get backup).

20180213_153310 (640x480)

After adding chocolate spread,

20180213_153330 (480x640)

he tucked right in,

20180213_153949 (640x480)

wearing an ‘it wasn’t me’ look on his face!


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