Madame Tussauds

Screenshot_20180207-101924 (543x640)

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the children have been learning about Superheroes. Little Yum-Yum and his class went on a school trip to Madame Tussauds to see them in person! Well, the waxworks, but it is still a wonderful experience.

Screenshot_20180207-101955 (640x488)

According to the website (which is where I got these screenshots from), there will be a number of well known characters available, which I’m sure will capture the children’s attention at all times.

Screenshot_20180207-102002 (640x487)

Screenshot_20180207-102010 (640x491)

Screenshot_20180207-102018 (640x493)

I volunteered to go, as the children were going by public transport, so I wanted to keep an eye on Max. It’s the first time he’s gone anywhere without me. Even at preschool I managed to go on the trips with him. However, I was denied the privilege. “They have to learn to be independent”.

I did think to purchase a ticket and hide behind the figures – just so I could see for myself the trip was running smoothly. Instead, I waited for the trip to be over, and called the school to see if they had arrived back safely.

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