The Dye Butterfly

20180114_144046 (640x372)

Toucan Box Theme: The Dye Butterfly.

Master Maximus wastes no time with drawing patterns on the coffee filter paper, which will be the butterfly’s wings.

20180114_145458 (480x640)

Once he’s finished, the filter is folded into a cone shape, and the tip is placed into a glass of shallow water. Max watched in fascination as the colours merged.

20180114_150058 (640x381)

After being left to dry,

20180114_164852 (480x640)

it was time to make the butterfly. Little Yum-Yum used a wooden clothes peg for the body.

20180114_165326 (513x640)

A pipe cleaner was used for the antennae, and he drew on the eyes and the mouth, as well as colour in the body.

20180114_165350 (640x570)

What a beautiful butterfly!

20180131_125224 (441x640)

Other activities included

20180131_125250 (640x446)

It’s Time to Start Exploring Colour and Colour Mix,

20180131_125318 (640x449)

and Colour Match.

20180131_125342 (640x448)

Also, Colour by Numbers,

20180131_125408 (640x443)

Butterfly Buddies and Ice Cream Patterns,

20180131_125424 (640x471)

Colourful Cupakes

20180131_125438 (640x440)

and last but not least, Colour Game.

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