Gingerbread Friends

20171229_133514 (640x480)

Toucan Box Theme: Gingerbread Friends.

20171229_133636 (470x640)

Lets get making!

20171229_133812 (480x640)

Master Maximus at work,

20171229_134411 (480x640)

and really getting into it.

20171229_135215 (480x640)

Time to add the trimmings and that big smile!

20171229_140108 (480x640)

First gold, now green.

20171229_140540 (640x480)

What a cute pair!

20171229_140506 (640x455)

There was also Spot The Difference, Draw Santa Claus, Santa in the Sun and Sat-Nav Santa.

20171229_140514 (640x455)

Up for a bit of baking? There was instructions and the recipe for Gingerbread Presents.

20171229_140520 (640x455)

Elf Twins and Deck the Halls.

Little Yum-Yum and I were unwell this Festive Season, but we hope you all had a wonderful time.

10 thoughts on “Gingerbread Friends

    • Persia says:

      Thanks, Derrick. I can’t think of a time we were ever so unwell! And for such a long time. Thankfully, we are feeling better. Hopefully, we will be 100% soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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