So This Happened

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Remember the list Max left for Santa?

Well, Christmas Eve night, Little Yum-Yum (and I) put out some mulled wine and cookies for Santa, as well as eight carrots – one for each reindeer.

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Christmas Day, Max found Santa had come! He received a Spider-Man costume. The note read;

To Maximus,

Thank you for the cookies and the very special treat of mulled wine. They were delicious!

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen enjoyed the carrots very much! Rudolph too! Thanks for putting out an extra one; you are a delightful little boy.

Merry Christmas

From Santa

Ho Ho Ho!

I must say, I was confused regarding the reindeers; I always thought there were eight, and that Rudolph was one of the originals. Turns out, he was introduced at a later stage.

Anyway, Little Yum-Yum wanted to share this clip with you all. He finds it hilarious and won’t stop singing it.

17 thoughts on “So This Happened

  1. laurelwolfelives says:

    Loved the video! I’ve always known that Rudolph was the “outsider.” Remember the Island for Misfit Toys? That’s where he was headed when Santa found him and needed a light to guide the sleigh. LOL

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  2. Terrigirl2017 says:

    Hi Persia , I am glad Santa enjoyed the mulled wine and cookies! Yes there are 9 reindeer , and its so nice of Max to think of them too. The clip is funny and so catchy! I hope you both had a nice Christmas day and days since, regards and hugs, Terri xo.


    • Persia says:

      Yes, I did… sorry, Santa did! All the children’s books, most of the information on the internet indicates there are eight. Managed to figure it out though. Max cannot stop laughing at that clip! I agree; it is funny and catchy. We were both very ill, but are finally feeling better. Not completely, but we are getting there. Love and hugs. xx


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