Let it Snow!

20171210_131009 (640x548)

On Sunday, it snowed here in London. Little Yum- Yum wanted to experience it properly for the first time… how could I say no?

He gathered up snow,

20171210_131005 (542x640)

and threw it at me!

20171210_131023 (617x640)

At it again, and caught me for the second time.

20171210_131108 (510x640)

He then decided he wanted to know how snow tasted,

20171210_131111 (480x640)

so filled his mouth!

20171210_131125 (565x640)

It did snow heavier shortly after this shot, but it was too cold to stay outdoors, plus I wasn’t well. But Max did have fun and that’s what counts.

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