Born in a Barn

20171206_100144_LI (633x640)

Uncle Ricky and I went to see Little Yum-Yum in his Christmas Nativity – Born in a Barn. This was his reaction when he saw us; he suddenly went all shy! The look on his face was priceless.

The evening before, he was upset with me because I had not attended the previous performance. I explained to him that I was only allowed to attend one show not both. Still, he thought I had let him down.

20171206_102304_LI (480x640)

Anyway, the performance was wonderful! All the children = cuteness overload!

Here was Max acting shy on stage. As you can imagine, the shyness didn’t last that long. He remembered his lines and sang all the songs. I did record some of the performance, but parents/carers have been told we are not allowed to share it on social media, as not all parents have given permission – hence the reason I have blocked the surrounding children’s faces.

I hope there is another performance next year.

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