Say, What?

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Brazilian and Portuguese pupils are the majority in Little Yum-Yum’s school.

The other day, Max and I were home, when he switched languages. I thought “Nice try, son. I speak Spanish too”. (I’ve been learning almost every day for the past sixteen months). However, I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Me: What are you saying, Bubba?

Max: (Continues to speak in the language, whilst smiling at me).

Me: I don’t understand

Max: It’s Portuguese, mummy!

I wrote down a few of the sentences as best as I could, and translated them via Google Translate.

Yep, he sure was speaking Portuguese! Some of is friends have been teaching him their language, which I think is amazing!

Fortunately for him, I don’t have the time to learn another language.

Max – 1Β  : Mummy – 0

5 thoughts on “Say, What?

  1. House of Heart says:

    this is wonderful. I think American’s are the least educated in foreign language, perhaps because English is the most spoken of all languages, still we have so many Latins here, Miami is now 76% latino and due to the castastrophe in P.R. we have taken in over 50,000 Puerto Ricans who are already citizens of the US. Good for Yum Yum, he will be so glad he is multilingual, mom too.

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    • Persia says:

      Many thanks, my friend. I can’t keep up! I think especially in this day and age, it is very useful to know at least a couple of languages. Take advantage of the Latins there – ask one to teach you. You’ll live it I’m sure. Just learn via Skype (or the like). I was going to let Max choose a third language to learn, but I think he beat me to the punch! I can’t believe how children suck up so much information in their younger years. Although not my first language, I speak to Max in Spanish so he remembers what he learnt in the almost two years he was at the amazing bilingual preschool he attended. I already have a online Spanish tutor for him. I guess I’d better get a Portuguese one too!

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