Maximus & Pudsey

20171117_151458 (480x640)

Last Friday, the children in Max’s school had a surprise visit from Pudsey Bear! He was so excited when he saw the yellow figure, and ran up to him to have this photo taken.

20171117_173857 (640x528)

This was all for Children in Need.

Children in Year 5 made key rings to sell, in order to raise money for the cause. Max and I purchased three. They were extra special as the drawings were all done by hand.

On one side, Pudsey Bear was featured, or on some, emoji faces.

20171117_173816 (640x458)

On the reverse, I managed to find a couple with the Union Jack and the Star Spangled Banner. (For some reason, I like to refer to the latter by this name, rather than the other names available. Maybe it has something to the with the awesome National Anthem!). Each flag represents where Max and I were born; he, in the US and I, in the UK.

I am so pleased the school took part in raising money for such a great cause.

(The live show on the night, raised £50.1 million! For those of you who understand US$ better, that’s a total of approximately $66.3 million!).

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