Spider & Web

20171105_155714 (640x480)

Toucan Box Theme: Spider & Web.

20171105_164800 (480x640)

Here goes!

It was a bit fiddly, but the end result was fantastic.

20171105_162745 (640x514)

The spider in his/her web.

Time to make a painted web.

Pour/squeeze some paint into a disposable cup. Drop a marble in and rattle it around. The tip the marble covered in paint onto a piece of paper.

Roll the marble over the paper (which has been placed into a shallow box). Drop the marble back into the paint and repeat.

20171105_164418 (480x640)

Not quite done yet…

20171105_174230 (640x460)

And here is the finished picture.

20171105_164814 (480x640)

Additional activities included:

20171105_164836 (640x451)

The Land of the Bugs and Stuck in a Web,

20171105_164845 (640x460)

Ladybird Spots – Round 1 and Round 2.

20171105_164857 (640x447)

Colour It In,

20171105_164909 (640x457)

and Draw the Answer.

20171105_164930 (640x480)

Spider Sandwiches, which are not for the faint-hearted! (Max’s spider photobombed this picture).

20171105_164954 (640x480)

Last but not least, Slugs & Snails.

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