The Kennington

20171025_133447 (623x640)

During half term last week, Max asked to go to The Kennington for lunch.

20171025_133812 (636x640)

Whilst there, he asked for paper and a pen,

20171025_133827 (606x640)

so he could write his full name a few times (which he does really well), as well as the word ‘this’. For some reason, he had struggled to read and write this particular word, so for several days, randomly, I would say the word or write it down and spell it out. Now Little Yum-Yum has finally gotten the hang of it!

20171025_134710 (499x640)

I’m guessing all that thinking made him hungry, as he ate most of his food – which was his usual; chicken goujons, fries and salad.


6 thoughts on “The Kennington

  1. Terrigirl2017 says:

    Hi Persia, lovely post! It’s great Max is committed to overcoming words he is struggling at. A great determination at his age. The Kennington looks a nice place , hopefully I will get there someday! Hugs, Terri ๐Ÿ’—

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