Boo Maximus!

20171023_135039 (505x640)

Toucan Box Theme: Halloween!

20171023_135211 (640x480)

Let’s get making a Jack-O-Lantern.

20171023_140310 (485x640)

A happy Maximus! Look at his face!

20171023_140946 (567x640)

A glow stick to hang inside the finished lantern.

20171023_141112 (448x640)

Here it is!

20171023_141116 (487x640)

A closer look so you can see it glowing.

20171023_141542 (522x640)

Children friendly activities,

20171023_141600 (640x428)

which included designing Frankenstein’s outfit, and drawing pumpkin faces,

20171023_141610 (640x446)

as well as Monster Mayhem,

20171023_141623 (640x443)

and finishing a drawing of a Haunted House.

20171023_141631 (640x429)

There was also In the Shadows, and Pretty Puzzling.

20171023_141638 (640x434)

Recipe wise, was Mummy Wraps.

20171023_141647 (640x415)

And finally, Which Is Witch, along with Spooky Stencils,

20171023_141826 (640x396)

which Max has enjoyed using.

Have a happy and safe Halloween all!

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