The Results Are In

20170810_115623 (640x480)

Max’s preschool results! That’s my boy. He’s 56 months, so he’s done extremely well.

We’re working on Listening and Attention, Managing Feelings and Behaviour and Writing. With the first two, Max just wants to play. But what he doesn’t understand, is that things are going to be very different when he starts school; there’ll be less play time! I feel sorry for him and the other children making this transition. However, it must be done. I’m sure he will adapt… well, I hope!

By the way, if anyone knows of a really good Spanish teacher (needed at least twice a week), please let me know. Max is fluent in the language, so why not let him keep it up? Thanks!

9 thoughts on “The Results Are In

    • Persia says:

      I’m trying! I’m going to let him pick a third – but only once he’s settled in school. I’ll see what his homework load is like as I do not want to put pressure on him. However, if he decides two is enough, then that’s fine with me. At least I won’t have to find another tutor! Thank you for your kind words. xx


    • Persia says:

      Many thanks. I wish I had kept going with French. What I know is minimal, but I believe what you say is true. To be honest, I need a Spanish teacher myself. Max makes sure he keeps me on my toes by responding in Spanish when he’s being told off! 😂

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  1. weggieboy says:

    That’s how I was. I studied Spanish and German to the point I know enough to stumble through simple conversations, if I am allowed to use my hands to pantomime my thoughts. LOL!

    Of the two, German helped me get along reasonably well when I was stationed over there in the early 1970s in the US Army. I think the Germans look kindly on anyone who tries to speak their impossible language. On the other hand, maybe those GERMAN smiles came from thinking watching me speak German was like watching a chimpanzee trying to communicate with hand language! LOL!


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