I’m Ready For Phonics!

20170805_153716 (467x640)

Max starts school in next month – September. So to help him transition from preschool to school, I purchased this book I spotted in our local Tesco store.

20170805_153751 (640x470)

Here are a couple of pages he had successfully completed. He even ticked the box in the bottom right hand corner!

20170805_153806 (640x474)

But I hope he realises, there’s more to come! He seems to enjoy completing the tasks, as stickers are involved. It’s all about the stickers to him!

10 thoughts on “I’m Ready For Phonics!

    • Persia says:

      I think I recall you mentioning it in one of your posts… Just had a look. Thank you. I’ve bought eleven books for him ranging from maths to learning to write. Starfall will also be used. I now have a lot of material to help him through the next couple of years. Fabulous. Thanks again!

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