Paint Your Own Bunny & Chick

Paint Your Own Bunny & Chick

Max loves magazines. (See here and here).

As it’s Easter, he chose this one, as well as the fact that he loves painting.

20170410_151520 (480x640)

Max in action painting the bunny orange.

20170410_151536 (480x640)

I wonder what colour he’ll paint the chick?

Paint Your Own Bunny & Chick


I found a piggy bank I had forgotten about, so invited him to pain that too. How colourful!

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Easter.

Love Max. ❤

14 thoughts on “Paint Your Own Bunny & Chick

  1. saywhatumean2say says:

    Just the purrfect colorful Easter picture and one sadly lacking in my life as all my “children” (nieces, nephews, godchildren) are either completely grown up and considering children of their own or too far away for this old Aunt to participate in activities with. I get a kick out of your Max posts Persia. They’re just enough for me to indulge in without stressing the old lady. ~~dru~~

    Liked by 1 person

    • Persia says:

      Aww, Dru. Maybe one day Max will send you one of his works. 😊 I’m very pleased you like Max’s posts; he can be a handful, but has such a great character – although so random at times! I hope you’re having a wonderful Easter.


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