This is How You Eat Ice Cream

This is How You Eat Ice Cream

Start by taking your time to eat the ice cream, so there is isn’t much of a mess. But then just let it melt a little, and try to catch it all at once…

20170326_134558 (480x640)

…but end up looking like this! Don’t forget to grin!

20170326_134631 (480x640)

On another note, this particular park is so beautiful. It has quite a history. It housed a military hospital during WWI. Trenches were dug up to shelter local residents during WWII from bombings.

The Church in the background is the Church of St. James The Apostle. I was disappointed through my research to find it has been converted into flats/apartments.

20170326_135336 (480x640)

Despite Max and I frequenting the park, I only just realised it does have a place to purchase ice cream – The Little Cat Café!

We sell:

Rolls and soup, made whenever possible using ingredients from the park’s greenhouse and growing project.

Delicious homemade cakes and treats made by local volunteers.

Lovely ice-creams.

Tasty tea and excellent coffee thanks to Rich Coffee

And a selection of soft drinks and lollies.

The café has been named after the little cat that was included in many of the buildings when the area was developed by the Minet family (Minet means little cat or kitten in French). The café is run as as a social enterprise, with any profits being reinvested in park projects. The café is part of the wider Myatt’s Fields Park Food project which includes a range of growing and cooking projects. The aim of the projects is to promote healthy eating and bring the community closer together. Food grown in the park will be cooked and used in the café.

We aim to operate the café to high standards of sustainability including making as much of the food as possible from fresh ingredients, using organic and fair trade products and using recyclable materials.

The Little Cat Cafe Blog

How wonderful is this?

I am going to see if they have projects for children, so I can bring Max along. I think it would be great for him to see how some foods are planted/grown. Maybe he can participate by planting something of his own too.

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