I’m Still Trying…

I'm Still Trying

…to get Little Yum-Yum to try prawns again.

It isn’t working. So I tried salmon instead.

I'm Still Trying...

Still not working. The only thing he wants is rice, maybe tuna and a bit of broccoli. Whilst this is OK, I think he does need to vary his food a little.

The reason I’m trying fish/seafood is because he has decided he doesn’t like meat. Nothing to do with me; it’s his own choice. He’ll eat chicken twice a week (maybe three times some weeks), but the rest of the the time, his prefers vegetarian meals.

The problem I have with this is due to him not liking spinach or kale for example, I don’t feel he is getting all the vitamins and protein he needs, although I do give him multivitamins every day.

He has even decided he wants rice milk rather than cows milk.

Maybe it’s a phase he’s going through. I guess the main thing (for now at least) is that he’s strong and healthy – growing fast too!

10 thoughts on “I’m Still Trying…

  1. ProsperityAndCalamities says:

    Have you tried looking at ideas on 100 Days of Real Food? They have really great lunch ideas for kids and snack ideas, too. Beans or quinoa might be good to try, too, to get some protein.

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  2. jazzyjenness says:

    He may grow to like fish, kale and spinach, and perhaps, not. However, keep trying to introduce new foods. I commend Max for not wanting to eat meat. If only I had never started. I tell myself that it is fake in order to eat some of it. Another way to introduce kale, spinach, especially, baby spinach would be to implement them into a smoothie with fruits and rice milk or almond milk if he’s not allergic.

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    • Persia says:

      He does like some fish (tuna and mackerel),, but he won’t expand. I hope he does grow up to like more vegetables. At the moment, it’s a no-no. You’ll give up when you’re ready. I know I just said no way one day – 19th February 2014 to be precise!

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