Mushroom & Olive Pizza

20170220_163218 (480x640)

Another vegetarian pizza! This time, with mushrooms and olives.

Ingredients used: ready made pizza dough base, tomato and garlic pizza sauce, ready grated four cheeses, mushrooms, olives.

20170220_163159 (480x640)

Get little helper to poke holes with a fork into the base.

Spread the tomato and garlic sauce on the base.

Stop and grin for the camera for a moment, then continue to sprinkle as much cheese as chef Maximus wants (the whole bag) over the sauce and base.

Add the mushrooms and olives.

20170220_163936 (537x640)

Place in oven on gas mark 7 for approximately 15-20 minutes.


This is a really simple, easy meal for children to help prepare, and is very tasty.

(You can of course use whatever ingredients you wish, and it doesn’t have to be vegetarian).

11 thoughts on “Mushroom & Olive Pizza

  1. weggieboy says:

    Yum! And it is good you remembered the most important step: grinning for the camera! That looks like a delicious pizza, too. I get tired of all the heavily salted meats traditionally used on them, none of which are good for my dietary restrictions.

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