Innocent Smoothies


I must admit, I am fussy about what my son eats and drinks. Not one to tell another how to raise their child, I do not give Max fizzy drinks/soda. Instead, he drinks water. In addition, I only purchase juice which are not from concentrate, and do not contain added sugar. Processed foods are a no-no too.

I came across these Innocent Smoothies/Juice for Kids a little while ago. With a great range available (there are some with vegetables as well), I am pleased he loves them.

A recommendation for parents, who are looking for something healthy for their little ones who may have a sweet tooth, as these contain only natural sugars from the fruit used. They come in pouches with straws in packs of four.

9 thoughts on “Innocent Smoothies

  1. Heartafire says:

    Sodas are bad and should be on everyone’s no list. Diabetes is rampant not to mention behavioral problems many suspected to be a result of sugar and additives. It’s hard to say no but we have to teach our kids how to eat healthy. Thank you Persia. ❤

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    • Persia Karema says:

      They really are bad. I am surprised how much diabetes is on the rise, considering all the warnings we are given. Believe me, I just say… “No”. Max has given up asking now. He also prefers home cooked food, but does appreciate eating out once in a while. And it’s never fast food. He’s four and has only ever had McDonald’s fries once! Refusing to finish them, he turned the nuggets down flat. We were waiting for our flight at the airport and there wasn’t much about. I’ve asked him since if he’d like to try it again (just to what he’d say). Politely, he says “No thanks, mummy”. I’m OK with his response!

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      • Heartafire says:

        It really works if we start from the beginning before they take a “liking ” I should say craving for junk food. We want our kids to be healthy and to protect them , Great job you are doing Persia and so glad you posted about this issue. 🙂

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