PAW Patrol Gear


Max has now transitioned from Thomas & Friends to full PAW Patrol gear!

Perfect for trying to stay dry on rainy days in London… although there is evidence on his joggers that nothing can stop him from jumping in puddles.

10 thoughts on “PAW Patrol Gear

  1. threekidsandi says:

    My daughter just got into Paw Patrol last year. It is such a relief for me! My older kids wore me out on Barney and Thomas and so when she was into those things I was DONE. Paw Patrol is newer and none of the other kids ever heard of it, and so a welcome change.

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    • Persia Karema says:

      Ah, yes. I understand where you are coming from. Honestly, his Thomas phase went on for so long, if I never see Thomas again, it’d be too soon! 😀 Max is loving Power Rangers (Dino Charge to be specific) too. I can’t keep up! I hope you and your family are well.

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