Happy 4th Birthday, Maximus! ~ Part Two


After collecting Max from preschool, the theme changed from Thomas & Friends to PAW Patrol. (He had asked for both before hand). Wearing his new PAW Patrol clothes, he played with his Power Rangers figures before we headed out for lunch.

We went to Nando’s, as Max had never been there before and it’s a kid friendly restaurant.

He decided he did not want to stay, but in fact, wanted to go back home. Maybe because it was incredibly busy. However, when a couple of ladies started to tell him how cute he is, he changed his mind and decided to stay.

Tucking into his free birthday treat – unlimited frozen strawberry yogurt.


After lunch, back at home, Max opened yet more presents.

Then it was time for his third birthday cake for the day! He was so happy it was a PAW Patrol one. It came with stickers too!


Max forcing a smile. By this point, he just wanted to play, not to have his photo taken.

Saving the best until last, Max got a brand new scooter – Blaze and the Monster Machines themed. Yet another thing he is a fan of!

Not sure how I managed to keep up, but in one day, he got something relating to the following: Thomas & Friends, PAW Patrol, Power Rangers, as well as Blaze and the Monster Machines.

One very happy little boy.

For Part One, click here.

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