PAW Patrol Advent Calender


Since December 1st, Max never fails to remind me every morning that he is due a piece of chocolate from his PAW Patrol advent calendar.

He is really looking forward to the 25th as it’s the biggest piece of all!

It is nice to see him getting excited about it all. I guess he would do, as his birthday is only ten days before, meaning he has two large batches of presents to open in a relatively short period of time.

Although he does not quite understand the concept of Christmas, I have explained to him it’s about family spending time together. His response was “Mummy, we’re  family, so you’ll stay with me?”. I said of course and we cuddled. Not wanting to go further, as I did not want to confuse him, I left it at that. As time goes on, I will explain a little bit more to him.

6 thoughts on “PAW Patrol Advent Calender

    • Persia Karema says:

      He just wants to rip the calendar apart, and to eat the lot at once! Every morning “Mummy, chocolate please!”. When he does get eventually get one, he then says “Another one please. I won’t ask again”. But of course he does.


      • weggieboy says:

        I see you’ve introduced a “good boy” chart. Chocolate might be the reward for some as yet undetermined behavior, the eight star day! I an appreciate how g=hard it might be to wait for the Advent calendar to yield its bounty. When I was that age (no doubt when you were, too) the time till birthdays or Christmas took years and years to arrive!

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      • Persia Karema says:

        Yes, I had to. Max was starting to think he was the adult 😞. If I don’t give him the chocolate each day, I fear hell naw through the calendar itself! Yes, I remember those days. I do recall thinking these events were taking too long to come round. Those were the days… On another note, I think I need to introduce a ‘Mummy’s Nap Chart’!


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