12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday 01.12

  1. weggieboy says:

    I suspect Uncle Ricky and Max were, indeed, up to mischief! They have that look of a pair who are on the prowl to find something to have fun doing. Guy stuff! Anyway, looks like Max and his Uncle Ricky are a great pair!

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      • weggieboy says:

        They have that look about them…. I’m sure it will be legal, but I also am a guy so I know that your son is getting to do things you might raise an eyebrow on but that Uncle Ricky knows little boys will enjoy doing! LOL!

        Just wait until Max is older and going by the very grown up “Maximus”. He’ll be talking with Ricky about the time they did such and such when Max was a little guy. You’ll be hearing something you gasp to learn, and they’ll say, “Oh! Didn’t we tell you about that?” For example, I had someone fall off a ladder on me when I was five or six, maybe a bit older. Knocked the wind out of me, but I never mentioned it to my parents because I didn’t think they’d want to know why us kids were using a ladder to get on top of a city water pump house… (,,,to get a baseball so we could continue out game!)

        Years later, maybe 25 or so years, I was rushed to the emergency room with a sciatic pain. The doctor had x-rays taken of the hip area. After they came back, he asked me when I’d broken my pelvis. What? I looked at the x-rays, and sure enough: there was quarter moon shaped section at the bottom on the right side of my pelvis that was highlighted by a calcium ridge where it healed!

        I mentioned this to my mother. The story of the ball on the pump house came up and the fall. “Why didn’t you tell us at the time? We would have taken you to the emergency room!? Why, because I was a little boy and I knew we kids probably would get in trouble for spilling the beans on climbing on the roof of the pump house00, maybe 10-11 meters high.

        Just letting you know: This is the sort of stuff little boys do!


      • Persia Karema says:

        Oh my, you made me laugh “…I’m sure it will be legal…”. I don’t doubt what you say; I believe Uncle Ricky allows Max to get away with things I wouldn’t. When he babysits, and I go to collect Max from his place, all three (including Lewis the dog) look soooo guilty! I don’t even bother asking what they’ve been up to!
        As long as I am not within earshot of their conversation, I’ll be just fine. Heh heh… I can’t believe you didn’t tell your parents you fell off the ladder! Although you didn’t know at the time, you broke your pelvis my dear man! Thankfully, it healed well (I’m guessing…?). I think if I fell like you did, I would fess up, because I don’t think I could handle the pain. You’re a tough cookie!
        I am not looking forward to any more of Max’s shenanigans. Last week Friday, one minute he was jumping on the bed, the next thing I know, he disappeared. He had fallen of, and somehow, managed to land on his forehead, leaving a bruise in the centre! Oh, boy!

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