Chocolate Covered Mini Fruit Kebabs


You will need: fruit and chocolate of your choice, toothpicks/skewers, sprinkles, bowl, pot, plates.

Wash and dry fruit.

Next, break chocolate into chunks and place in a bowl.


Take a chocolate break if you wish!

Next, put the fruit onto the toothpicks. (I did not allow Max to complete this task, as the picks are sharp.

Place bowl with chocolate over a pan of boiling water. Remove once chocolate had completely melted.

Dip mini fruit kebabs into the chocolate, and let your little helper lick the spoon.


You could also let your little helper gobble up the excess fruit too!


Eventually, sprinkle your chosen topping over the chocolate kebabs.

Leave in the fridge until the chocolate turns solid.

Meanwhile, leave your toddler to clean the bowl!


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