Singing in the Rain


I’m singing in the rain

Just singing in the rain


What a glorious feeling

I’m happy again!

17 thoughts on “Singing in the Rain

  1. laurelwolfelives says:

    What is it about little ones that love to jump around in the rain….and into puddles? I had four who loved it…..and believe it or not….I used to be a children and I loved it too! LOL


  2. weggieboy says:

    One of my favorite memories was when I was a little older than Max. My friend David and I found a mud puddle in the alley behind his house and had a grand time! When his mother saw how we looked afterwards, she wouldn’t let me go home till I was cleaned up and my clothes were washed! David and I got to stand around in our underwear till that happened. I’m sure the puddle jump was well worth the hassle of the cleanup!

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    • Persia Karema says:

      Aww! I love your stories/memories. I can’t say I blame David’s mother, and I hope it wasn’t too chilly having to stand around in your underwear! Looks like Max is reacting them, without him even knowing. I guess this is what most little boys get up to then. I wouldn’t really know as all my siblings are females.

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      • weggieboy says:

        I suspect it is a thing little boys will do, but I don’t think little girls are exempt from the temptation to splash around in the rain puddles if they aren’t too messy, especially if they have raingear on. David and I hit the puddle in the alley after a rainstorm. The alley was unpaved, so the puddle, of course, was a perfect mud hole! We also would splash around in the rainstreams in the street gutters, where we’d get wet but not dirty. The streets were paved, of course.


      • Persia Karema says:

        Sounds like fun. Only as a child I wasn’t allowed to get messy/dirty by jumping in puddles! However, on saying that, I probably wouldn’t anyway because I wouldn’t want any cooties on me! 😀


      • weggieboy says:

        Oh dear! The dreaded cooties! The only way we could get them when I was a little boy was to associate with little girls! I’m glad I didn’t know about mud cooties as it would have changed a lot of my behavior!

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