Early Preparations


Birthday presents are ready…

As some may know, Max’s birthday is just ten days before Christmas on 15th December.

Due to this, I start purchasing presents and preparing for these two wonderful events from as early as September, (although I started in October this year).


…as are his Christmas presents and stocking. (He decorated the stocking himself in 2014).

It means I can take my time, rather than rushing at the last minute when pretty much everything has sold out.


I managed to find a personalised ‘Max’ ornament.

We have also had a mini Christmas tree up for the past couple of weeks, which Max chose along with some decorations.

Max is excited, and I’m glad he is. Why shouldn’t he be?

After all, on 15th December 2012, I received the best Christmas present ever – my Little Yum-Yum, Maximus.

4 thoughts on “Early Preparations

  1. dreamymichaela says:

    Ohhh, the excitement that awaits Max! Your gifts, so brightly wrapped, look enticing! Enjoy your celebrating when it comes. 🙂 And like you, I tend to get things well before the usual Christmas rush (I have a few clever hideaway spots!). 🙂


    • Persia Karema says:

      Max has seen the wrapped presents and is way too excited about them right now! It is easier to get things before the rush. I cannot stand battling with the crowds. You have one up on me; you have clever hideaway spots. Unfortunately, I don’t. Hmm… maybe I should seek a few out!

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