Weekend Film Reviews: 29.10-30.10

Tim Burton Corpse Bride (PG):

Why has she gone? She has to come back. I like her a little bit“. (Through tears, referring to Corpse Bride when she is set free).

ParaNorman (PG):

Too scary. Don’t like it“.

Frankenweenie (PG):

He’s good and brave. He wasn’t revived“. (Crying, at the end when Sparky the dog gets trapped in a fire).

Hotel Transylvania (U):

The girl is flying. She changed into a bird (bat). I like the film, mummy“.

Although Max insisted on watching these films, I was reluctant due to the freaky characters and death being involved (nothing violent, of course). The top three are rated PG, just like Paddington which I took him to see at the cinema for his first birthday. However, I thought they were a little ‘heavy’ for a three year old – especially Corpse Bride and ParaNorman.

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