Max is Unwell


Even though ill, Max can still pose for a picture ❤

Poor Little Yum-Yum is unwell.

Yesterday afternoon, he had a high temperature, and threw up in the evening at 20.30 (UK time). Then again this morning at 07.00. We are now on the third set of bed sheets and pyjamas.

Thinking it was something to do with the flu immunisation he received last week Thursday, I called the doctor surgery to find out whether or not he could be affected a week later.

I waited a few hours for a call back (which is normal), to be told that it was not due to the flu immunisation, but that he had a 48 hour bug.

He cannot go back to preschool until Friday, as there is a 48 hour cooling off period, so he will have to put up with my company! Here’s hoping he gets well soon.

(Sorry the image is so dark, the lighting in the room is quite poor due to it being a little dark outside).

19 thoughts on “Max is Unwell

  1. saywhatumean2say says:

    Max may grow up to be a model….maybe he can support you in the manner to which you’d like to become accustomed to. Sorry about the “whatever” he contracted but he sure is a cutie. ~~dru~~


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