Summer Fun at the Seaside ~ Part Three

After the rides, we headed for the beach. Unfortunately, not a sandy one, although Max didn’t seem to mind.

He and auntie Rita splashed about for a bit.

Then he did his own thing.

My turn to head for the sea with Max. The pebbles were very uncomfortable! It’s not long before I decide I’ve had enough!

It was actually a warm day, although it may not seem so in the pictures (remember, we are in England!), so Max prepared himself to hit the sea again.

Auntie Rita decides to join him again. I’m not quite sure what they were looking for!

Waiting impatiently for me to open his bubbles, Max could not wait to pour some of the liquid over me. Of course, he found it funny.


A tired Little Yum-Yum, it was time to go home.

Click here for Part One.

Click here for Part Two.

7 thoughts on “Summer Fun at the Seaside ~ Part Three

  1. weggieboy says:

    Woo hoo! Take everything one decently can off, and plunge right in!

    Water is a great joy. One of my favorite activities in water where I live (in the middle of the USA, where lakes and rivers have to suffice) is wading in lakes with small sunfish and minnows that nibble on the air bubbles trapped on the hairs on my legs! It tickles and is quite pleasant in a bizarre sort of way.

    Of course, having your bubble fun from a bottle is pretty much a fun activity, too! Especially when they are formed by the sea breeze blowing them through the wand!

    It seems Max had one really big day with Mom and Auntie! It has been fun seeing photos of your fun and , perhaps, reliving such fun days of my own from when i was a little guy so many decades ago!


    • Persia Karema says:

      You made me giggle. Thank you for your comment. I can feel the excitement in your words! Wading in the lakes sound like fun, although I would probably scream my head off. I’m scared of pretty much anything in water. I am so glad you enjoyed the photos/post, and they brought back fun memories. Max & P. x


  2. terrimadden2016 says:

    Awww they are the cutest pics of all of have a great love of the water as I know myself! It is great for them to be out in nature. What a wonderful day and I love your floral print dress:)


    • Persia Karema says:

      If Max could have stayed, he would have. He just kept on going! I agree with children being out in nature. Shame I cannot get to the sea more often with him. The park will have to do. Thank you. x


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