Summer Fun at the Seaside ~ Part Two


Next stop was the Bumper Cars, Max’s favourite ride.

First a yellow one…


then blue…


then pink…


then red…


Unfortunately, they were unable to get a green one to complete riding in all the colours, but another blue is just as good!

I’m not sure who had more fun — Max or auntie Rita!

Part Three to follow.

Click here for Part One.

12 thoughts on “Summer Fun at the Seaside ~ Part Two

  1. terrimadden2016 says:

    He is a wonderfully typical boy of his age. I have not got our 3 year old to the bumping cars yet but there is an activity I will post , that he will go on Saturday to which will give him a lot of joy. well done to Auntie Rita for enjoying the ride too! hugs, Terri.

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    • Persia Karema says:

      I look forward to reading all about it, Terri. I hope your little one has a lot of fun. As for auntie Rita (whose actual name is Syreeta but Max shortened it), I believe she thinks she’s Max’s age at times!!


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