Lunch is Coming!

20160721_140122 (454x640)

Max asked me to take him out for lunch, to which I was more than happy to oblige.

20160721_140130 (434x640)

Smiling for the camera.

20160721_140143 (457x640)

It’s thirsty work being a toddler!

20160721_140332 (511x640)

Lunch is coming!

20160721_140515 (464x640)

Chicken goujons, with salad and fries. Max orders the same thing every time we go to The Kennington.

20160721_140521 (494x640)

Barbecue sauce. Max’s favourite condiment.

20160721_140534 (393x640)

I had the same as my Little Yum-Yum but adult version. By this, I think they mean a different sauce! Plus I also had an adult drink – one of which I believe Teddy must have some of, for in this picture, he looks guilty to me! 😀

8 thoughts on “Lunch is Coming!

  1. laurelwolfelives says:

    Ah…are you sure that’s not a (shoot, I can’t remember what you call orange juice and vodka) that our little yum-yum is drinking? LOL
    He is just absolutely precious! 🙂


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