20160719_203256 (479x640)

Max was busy watering the flowers and vegetables in the back garden, whilst Nanny was distracted.

20160719_203445 (405x640)

Nanny telling Max he missed a spot.

20160719_203504 (458x640)

A tender moment.

Moving to the front, watering the garden turned into this…

20160719_211551 (490x640)

 Max trying to run out of the way.

20160719_211601 (487x640)

A skillful Nanny with a perfect aim!

20160719_211618 (480x640)

Max got caught again.

20160719_211647 (510x640)

Nanny telling Max she’s finished now.

Or is she…?

20160719_211653 (567x640).jpg

Nope. she tricked him!

20160719_211745 (432x640)

A soaked Max.

20160719_211823 (466x640)

Trying to make a run for it again.

20160719_211844 (568x640)

Not knowing which way to run.

20160719_211857 (574x640)

OK, enough now. Time to get dry clothes on! ❤

For Gardening, click here.

For Helping Out in the Garden, click here.

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