Suit, Tie & Teddy

PhotoGrid_1470646058939 (1) (640x640)

Max looking dapper in his new suit, with Teddy in tow.

PhotoGrid_1470646204613 (640x640)

Mother and son moments, as we waited for auntie Mel and the taxi to arrive.

20160807_153102 (360x640)

Whilst in the Synagogue, Mel and I managed to convince Max to wear the skullcap/kippot instead of Teddy.

20160807_153217 (560x640)

He wore it long enough for the exchange of the rings, etc – to include the breaking of the glass, which he had full view of and was fascinated with, but he really wasn’t impressed, and wouldn’t let me take a decent picture of the back. In fact, shortly after taking this, the skullcap/kippot was removed.

Refusing to eat the main meal of fish goujons, wedges, and vegetable sticks provided for the children (all foods had to be vegan, vegetarian of fish, so as not to ‘un-kosher’ the Synagogue), Little Yum-Yum decided to only eat dessert. Chocolate tart… of which he ate three!

We all had fun… including Teddy! ❤

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