What’s That Mummy?

20160720_154544 (640x360)

Whilst a the park, Max spotted this rather large tree log.

20160720_155241 (501x640)

He ran up to it, inspecting the ‘object’, trying to figure out why it was there. After a while he said “Mummy, get on it. Come on, go climb it”. :/ I told him he should do so, and of course, he refused.

No longer content with the tree log, he ran off to see what else he could find.

20160720_154558 (604x640)

Nope, nothing there.

20160720_154620 (484x640)

Then he spotted something…

20160720_155223 (511x640)

“Mummy, what’s that?” After explaining what it was, he asked if he could touch it, but then decided not to, as it was ‘ugly’. Besides, he was sure he had seen a spider on it.

20160720_154625 (491x640)

So off he went.

20160720_154622 (468x640)

Hot and tired, Max was ready to go home.

(By the way, he got his favourite blue ice-cream too!).

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7 thoughts on “What’s That Mummy?

  1. laurelwolfelives says:

    Ah…the joy of the wee ones’ explorations. I remember them well. My son was “inspecting” a log and a snake bit him. He didn’t bother to tell me for several hours. LOL


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