Teddy Got a Wash!

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Teddy has gotten up to many things; he has flown, ended up on the airport floor, has gone shopping with us and ended up on the ground, likewise with taking him to the park – he was dirty! And started to smell really bad too.

It has been over a year since Max’s beloved Teddy has been washed, and boy did he need it! I was finally given permission over the weekend, but Max kept a watchful eye throughout the machine cycle, as well as when Teddy was hung out to dry.

Does anyone remember ever being so attached to a teddy/doll/blanket?

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17 thoughts on “Teddy Got a Wash!

  1. Heartafire says:

    So cute! My son at age 2 had a Teddy, his innards were coming out. I snuck him out to the garbage after sewing him up many times. That day when we went outside to play he spotted him in the trash…omgosh! He ran over and saved Teddy. I got out the needle and thread again. Ha.

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  2. ProsperityAndCalamities says:

    I had a stuffed dog when I was little and I remember being scared he was going to fall apart when my mom finally washed him. Now that I think about, I would think a good bath in the sink with soap and water would have been fine… And would probably be less wear and tear.

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    • Persia Karema says:

      Aww! He didn’t fall apart though, did he? Soap and water in the sink is good, but a good spin in the machine takes out more water, thus a shorter drying period. Max could not wait that long. You should have heard all the moaning. I needed a nap afterwards!

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