Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures

20160723_130918 (389x640)

Max enjoys watching a number of children’s programmes, and Andy’s dinosaur adventures is one of them.

Andy works at a museum and has the use of a time machine to go back to prehistoric times to collect feathers, bones, dung or whatever else is needed in prehistoric displays for his museum. With the help of the contents of his backpack he manages to keep himself safe and get back to the museum. ~ IMDb

When I opened a box of soap, he asked me to open up both ends, so he could use it. Not quite sure what he was up to, I did as he asked. Once he put it on his wrist, his imagination started to run wild. “Shhhh! I’m on a dinosaur adventure” he said, and started to tip-toe.

20160723_130954 (360x640)

Above, is a close up of Max’s wrist gadget, whilst Andy’s one is shown below.


Image from the web

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