Creams Parlour

Max at an ice cream parlour in pictures šŸ™‚ .

20160707_143754 (431x640)

Teddy – Check!

Star Wars toy – Check!

Blue ice cream – Check!

20160707_143747 (465x640)

Keeping his eye on the supply of his favourite ice cream.

20160707_143737 (449x640)

Time to dive in! Nom, nom!

20160707_143749 (477x640)

Whoa! Wait a minute… What does mummy have there?

20160707_143850 (360x640)

Ferrero Rocher ice cream!

20160707_144341 (507x640)

Max ate most of mummy’s ice cream. The evidence visible around his mouth. He also took her wafer. Grinning at what he had achieved, he continued eating his own. ā¤

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