Lunch Time

20160623_132924 (640x416)

Mummy took Max and Uncle Ricky (who is actually is Godfather), out for lunch. Upon receiving the menu and it being read out to him, Max asked for chicken goujons with salad.

This little boy loves his juice! First he had a cup of apple, followed by orange, as he patiently waits for his food to arrive.

Can you spot Teddy’s ‘paw’?

20160623_133104 (360x640)

Lunch would not be complete without all these vehicles being brought along. However, they were left abandoned in favour of playing with Lewis (Ricky’s dog) who came along.

20160623_135604 (360x640)

Man to man, Max and uncle Ricky having a chat about what fun they will have, when they next meet. ❤

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