Beloved Teddy

20160619_221149 (360x640)

As you may already know, Max will not part with his beloved Teddy (see several links below) – even in his sleep.

On this occasion, he got up, whilst still asleep, picked up Teddy, lay back down and placed him on his head. Just like you see in the picture.

When he returns home from pre-school, he tells mummy how much he missed Teddy, and in turn, tells Teddy the same too.

Not sure when he will grow out of this, but it is nice to see the innocence of a child’s actions. It makes the world beautiful again. ❤

My Favourite Teddy, click here.

Do You Want My Favourite Teddy, click here.

Teddy’s Hat, click here.

Fun in the Park with Teddy, click here.

17 thoughts on “Beloved Teddy

  1. laurelwolfelives says:

    He will probably outgrow his teddy. It will be a hallmark in two ways. He will have “grown up” and it will be a loss of sorts. I have my sons’ cowboy boots. He was never without them. When he outgrew them, he never asked for another pair. I look at them now and have fond memories of my little boy….tempered with the loss of that innocence.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Persia Karema says:

      I’m not sure I want him to grow up. Not just yet anyway! It’s going all too fast for me. I don’t like it.
      I think it is so nice that you kept your son’s boots. Aww! ❤


      • weggieboy says:

        I’d treat yourself to a lovely framed enlargement of it! Of course, your son will go through a stage where it will embarrass him, but…you’re the Momma! LOL!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Persia Karema says:

        Oh, thanks for reminding me! How exciting and funny it will be to show this to his friends later on? I think I shall frame it, along with a copy of your comment, so I can tell him it was your idea! 😜 Thank you for the smile. I really needed it today! x


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