Cooking with Nanny ~ Part Two

20160518_171859 (360x640)

So now mummy has managed to get Max to eat fruit, it really is time for Max to start eating more vegetables. What is known, is that peas and cabbage are definitely out, but broccoli is in! Phew, a small step forward. He will sometimes eat sweetcorn and raw mushrooms, and maybe, the odd lettuce leaf.

On this occasion, nanny let him try raw and cooked carrots. Either way, it is still a no-no.

On the surface, you can see standard white potatoes, as well as sweet potatoes. Thinking he would opt for the sweet ones, he decided neither were to his liking, so it’s back to the drawing board! :/

Answers on a postcard please!

(Thanks to Derrick and Prosperity & Calamities for their suggestions on a previous post ❤ ).

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