Another Day in the Park


As it was a lovely, warm and sunny day, mummy took Max to the park last week Thursday.

Eager to figure out what this ‘object’ was, he ran up to it to explore.


Then decided that he didn’t really care what it was, but decided to strike a pose next to it.


Turns out to be a very old drinking fountain, dating back to 1861.


Well, enough of that now. Time to scoot off to find some ice-cream.


Is it this way? 🙂


At last! Finally, some blue ice-cream (his favourite).


Mummy got mint chocolate chip.


With a Thomas the Tank Engine sticker stuck to the side of his face (no idea why!), Max settled down for a little rest.


Smiling for the camera.


Chuckling at mummy telling him he has ice-cream on his face.


And then this happened. :/

The trip to the park was short-lived, after Max spotted this huge ‘puddle’. (It had rained the day before). He ran through it several times, then fell in it!

Soaked and muddy, it was definitely time to go home.

15 thoughts on “Another Day in the Park

  1. sepultura13 says:

    Hee hee hee – I love the pictures! Reminds me of days when my son and I would go to a park on Sunday, after shopping at the Pike Place Market in Seattle.

    Stickers on the face is just a thing that some kids do, LOL – I remember wearing the gold stars I earned in school…I’d stick them in the middle of my forehead!
    I think that my son did that a time or two, as well…he got some stickers for in-class chess “tournaments,” and would put them on his neck or cheek like a tattoo of sorts…too funny!

    Liked by 1 person

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