Brave Boy

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Last Friday, Max had his pre-booster immunisation for school. With sweets at the ready (the best bribe ever!), mummy braced herself for a tantrum, followed by him not talking to her for quite some time.

However, Maximus truly is a brave Gladiator indeed! He did not cry at all when the needle pierced his skin. He smiled and said “Are you finished?” to the nurse. Clearly surprised, she said she was. He then said “Can I have a sticker please?”. 😀

20160421_154813 (640x485) (448x339)

At first, she could not find any, so had to go into a different office in search of some. To his delight, she managed to find one for him. He said “Thank you! I like you!” as he was leaving the room.

Shortly after arriving back into reception, there was a lady waiting for her appointment. She explained to Max that she had grandchildren his age. He then rounded off the conversation with her, by saying that he thought she was cute, and that he loved her. Blowing a kiss to her, it was obvious Max had made her day.

Mummy thinks she had better keep an eye on this little charmer. ❤

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