Little Yum-Yum has Tonsillitis


On Tuesday, mummy received a call from Max’s pre-school, telling her to collect him early as he was suffering from a high temperature. The advice was to keep him at home for the next day or two, a he may be suffering from a twenty-four or a forty-eight hour bug.

Not eating, complaining of a headache and not feeling well in general, Max’s skin was so hot it had turned red. Although in good spirits, he was weak and straining to talk a little, so Mummy decided to take him to the walk-in clinic this morning.

Turns out Little Yum-Yum has tonsillitis.

He will be off pre-school tomorrow and possibly Monday, depending on how well the prescription medicine works. It doesn’t stop him from saying “Stop kissing and cuddling me mummy. It’s too much. Chill out!”.

There was an outbreak of Chicken Pox at his pre-school as few weeks back, were two cases have been confirmed (and counting). As poor Little Yum-Yum can’t catch a break from catching everything going, no doubt he will soon pick this up too.

But for now, he will be resting and drinking lots of fluids.

7 thoughts on “Little Yum-Yum has Tonsillitis

    • Persia Karema says:

      Ha! Little Yum-Yum is saying he wants some. I’ll have to pop out as I don’t have any! Should have thought about that before I asked him. I think you should go. It was your idea! 😀

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