Getting Dirty in the Garden


Max loves to run around freely in the garden, regardless of the weather.

It had rained the night before, and mummy had popped out to the back garden to feed the homeless cats. At this point, Max decided it was the perfect moment to dart outside to jump in the wet soil.

20150822_195713_resized 20150822_195736_resized

This went on for quite some time. He sat in it. He stomped in it.


He ran off when mummy tried to catch him, to bring him indoors to clean him up.

20150822_200048_resized 20150822_200106_resized

Max really did get rather dirty which of course, he found hilarious! :/


When mummy caught him, it didn’t go down too well…


Not wanting to see him upset, she let him loose again. Look at the huge grin on his face, and watch him go! ❤

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