Paddling Pool Time!

20150821_152534_resized 20150821_152527_resized

Max loved his new paddling pool, and managed to get good use out of it during the summer break. A great way for him to entertain himself (under the watchful eye of his mummy), as well as to keep cool. The second picture was him indicating that absolutely no-one was allowed in with him!

20150821_152547_resized 20150821_152600_resized

On this particular day, he was in the paddling pool for eight hours. Yes, that’s right, eight hours! Mummy had to keep pulling the pool into the shade when possible, as well as rubbing him with sun lotion. as he did not want the fun to end.

Needless to say, it was mission impossible to convince him that time was up until another day, as it was getting late.

Mummy is not quite sure as to whether or not he has forgiven her yet! 🙂

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