Fun Fair


Mummy took Max to a local fun fair for the first time. He was a bit apprehensive at first, but then decided he would try a few of the rides. This was his favourite.


So much so, we went on it again…


And again!


Next, was the dodgems. Looking a little scared, he holds on to mummy, whilst she tries to reassure him he is safe with her. Also, at that time of the day, it wasn’t too busy, so she would go at a slow pace for him.


He waves nervously to the camera. Once the ‘ride’ started, he decided he was not a fan and wanted to get off.

20150816_145740_resized 20150816_145745_resized

After being such a brave and good boy, he was rewarded with this rather large lollypop! Mummy told him it was too much sugar all at once, but he didn’t care and tried anyway. Needless to say, mummy was right! 😀

Please note: Max is in his stroller because he cannot be bothered to walk anywhere. If mummy does not bring it with her, she’ll have to carry him instead!

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