Mummy decided to try Max with a different fruit ~ blueberries.

 He did not like them, so mummy thought he had just eaten them. She promised not to but them again for him. That was the end of it. You see, Max does not like to try anything new. Once he likes something, that’s it, don’t try to change it.

Nana (Grandma) and Grandad was going out shopping, so Max wanted to tag along for the car ride, but mummy and Nana noticed he didn’t want to put his boots on. The thing is, he loves these boots and would sleep in them if he could. This was odd. Getting there in the end, his boots were finally on his feet and he was ready to go out.


Upon their return from, mummy took off Max’s boots. To her horror, his socks had dark stains on them. What she thought was, that somehow, his toes/feet had bled whilst he was out.

Upon closer inspection, it all looked a little weird… She looked in his boots… Only to find the Max had hidden the blueberries in his boots, making out he had actually eaten them! 😀

Needless to say, mummy eventually saw the funny side to it, as did Nana and Grandad, but the boots are ruined on the inside, although it was cleaned out as best as it could be.

Max – 1 : Mummy – 0

That’ll teach mummy to buy something I don’t like! 😀

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