My Fun Filled Day


It was my birthday yesterday.

I woke up grumpy as you can see!

But as the day went on, I had lots of fun! Kidspace, shopping, more playing, presents and eating cake!

PhotoGrid_1418726466868 PhotoGrid_1418726420488

This is what I got from my Auntie Syreeta. It’s a Maserati Sports Car!

It’s remote controlled, so my mummy does all the hard work whilst I sit back cruising, listening to music.

I hope the battery doesn’t run out because mummy will have to carry it! 😀

PhotoGrid_1418726525994 PhotoGrid_1418726622361PhotoGrid_1418726575560

I love lions, so my nana (grandma) bought me this cake. Roar!!!

It was all chocolatey. I was running around from all the sugar!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. I had a wonderful day. ❤

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