Gone Fishing

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Whilst playing in the garden, I noticed Little Yum-Yum concentrating on hard something; something I couldn’t figure out. I approached him and asked what it was he was doing. “I’m fishing, mummy!” he said with a broad smile on his face. He had made a fishing rod from a strip of a long dry leaf.

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I then asked him if he had caught anything, by which he replied he had caught a fish. The fish being a flower which had dried out, that he had simply attached to the ‘rod’. I so enjoy watching this little one at play.


Little Bear’s Close Encounter

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Little Bear looked up at the stars. “I wish I was an astronaut”, he sighed. Little Bear dreamed of exploring the world outside the window. He liked living in Emma’s bedroom, but he sometimes wondered what it would be like to climb a mountain or go deep-sea diving. Most of all, Little Bear longed to meet an alien.

My review:

This cute story reminds me of Little Yum-Yum. He too, wants to be an astronaut and is just as curious as this Little Bear character about other things. A lovely, feel good bedtime story, which is sure to leave a smile on any child’s face.

A Gift

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During the Easter break, Little Yum-Yum and I were unwell, so we didn’t get up to much. He was unwell for a few days, whilst I was for the duration. I tried to make it fun for him, but with little success.

It’s just the two of us, so when he told me I didn’t spend enough time with him, I felt really bad. However, a thought came to mind … what if I bought him a gift? *Cackle*. Surely that would make up for at least some of the lost time?

I came across this remote control car and he loves it! I told him I was sorry that we didn’t do many activities as we would normally, but he was too distracted with his new toy. I think I just about got away with it this time!

Picture Holder

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Yesterday, I proudly collected this picture holder Little Yum-Yum decorated in school – with red (his favourite) being the main colour, of course! It came complete with a cute photo of him smiling whilst holding a flower.

I have run out of space for everything – walls, table tops – I need to move just to house his creations!

Tom Thumb

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There once was a poor couple who had no children and longed for a son of their own. One day, an old beggar man passed by their house. Although the poor couple had little enough for themselves they invited hi in to eat and rest. “Where are your children?” asked the beggar. “We don’t have any,” sighed the man. “We would love a son, even if he were no bigger than my thumb.”

My review:

A classic children’s tale, oh my gosh – what a cute story! I will highlight to Little Yum-Yum that sharing is caring – no matter how much or how little one has. Love this story!