Land of the Dinosaurs

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Well, not quite, thankfully! Little Yum-Yum has a collection of dinosaurs which were purchased when we visited The Natural History Museum.

20180212_165446 (640x480)

The Dinosaur Adventure Set came with 23 miniature dinosaurs and a map. However, this was not enough for Master Maximus, so he also got the big versions of

20180212_165500 (510x640)

a triceratops and

20180212_165521 (551x640)

a Tyrannosaurus Rex, his favourite.

Could you imagine these creatures still roaming the Earth?


Spring is in the Air

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Ah, yes. Spring is in the air at last, and Little Yum-Yum knows it.

“Plants need sun and water to grow.”, he said randomly. So grabbed his watering can, filled it with water, then started watering the plants in the garden.

One of the After School Clubs Max attends is Natural Thinkers/Outdoor Learning. It’s his favourite club. He talks to me a lot about nature, and often wants me to venture out with him so he can explore.

Flower Bouquet

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Toucan Box theme: Flower Bouquet.

Who doesn’t like to receive flowers? And they’re even more special when you’ve made your own bouquet. Once you have decorated your flowers, decide who you would like to give them to. Is there a special someone you want to say thank you to, or tell them how much you care? You could even add a special note to your flowers. Let’s see if you can make someone smile!

~ Toucan Box

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To get started, coloured cupcake liners were used for the petals, whilst coloured pipe cleaners were used for the stems.

Little Yum-Yum at work.

20180311_141338 (640x480)

almost complete …

20180311_141843 (480x640)

Here is a proud Max with his bouquet.

20180311_142009 (480x640)

After a short moment, he remembered about the butterfly he made, went off to get it, and posed with his creations.

20180311_142435 (463x640)

Other activities included,

20180311_142448 (640x472)

Flower Power,

20180311_142503 (640x471)

and Bean Plants

which we have still yet to plant, and for Max to write what he sees as the beans are growing.

20180311_142539 (640x472)

Also, Parts of a Plant and Back at the Beanstalk.

20180311_142549 (640x474)

And lastly, Heavy Petal.

In the end, Max gave me the bouquet but said we must share it as he loves it so much.

Picture Day

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Last week, I received this text from Little Yum-Yum’s school – Picture Day!

So, he had a haircut, and in the morning (yesterday) I smoothed down his eyebrows and checked he had no boogers inside his nose.

I am so excited, and cannot wait to see Max’s first official school photo(s). Of course I am going to order more than I need to … well, because I can! Not sure how long it will take before I am able to obtain them, but I will certainly share them with our WP Family when I do!


Little Brother and Little Sister

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Once upon a time, there was a little brother and a little sister who lived with their stepmother, who was very cruel to them. One night, the brother and sister decided to run away. So the two children ran out into the forest, curled up in the hollow of a tree, and fell asleep.

My review:

This story reminds me of Hansel and Gretel. A typical fairy tale, it had a lovely ending. An OK bedtime story, I’m sure Little Yum-Yum will like it – especially once we get to the end, and he realises that everything turns out just fine.

Sky Garden

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Friday 9th March was Inset Day aka Teachers Training Day for Little Yum-Yum’s school.

I decided to take him to Sky Garden to see the views of London.

We could have taken the bus there, but he wanted to go by tube/London Underground. He and Teddy could not contain their excitement!

20180309_102920 (640x480)

It was a pretty gloomy day, but this was the view when we reached the top of the building.

Max and Teddy enjoying the view,

20180309_103036 (640x480)

when Max spotted The London Eye, whereby he spoke about his visit during last summer.

20180309_103110 (640x480)

A different view included Tower Bridge,

20180309_103151 (480x640)

whilst Max pointed out passing vehicles which now looked incredibly small.

Cute poses in the indoor garden,

then he got a little too curious, so wanted to explore the different plants. I don’t think the public are allowed to walk through the non-paved areas. I explained this to him, and in the photo on the right, he is telling me to go ask a member of staff!

Unfortunately, we left shortly afterwards because there wasn’t much else to do.