The Gingerbread Man

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A fun retelling of the story of the Gingerbread Man. Share the story and the learning activities with your child to encourage their reading and reinforce their learning of phonics.

Stories are told in lively, rhyming text.

A repeated refrain encourages less-established readers to join in.

Each book targets a key sound. Letters are highlighted in red to help children focus on the different groups of letters that make this sound.

Phonics support pages reinforce learning with simple verbal activities for children and adults to complete together.

Includes rhyming activity. Key words and picture dictionary.

My Review:

This is a great version of the classic story. Max enjoys it as do I. Rhyming definitely makes it more enjoyable for a four year old.

What’s My Name?

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Max loves this t-shirt uncle Ricky made for him – especially as his name glows in the dark. Anyone who walked past would be told to look at his t-shirt and say his name.

20170710_153055 (480x640)

He also loves elastic bands for some reason.

Not quite sure what he was up to here, but whatever he was doing kept him entertained for a little while.

Super Space Shuttle

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As you may (or may not) know, Max loves magazines. He was very excited about this one, as he wants to be an astronaut.

20170729_115802 (640x445)

I cut out the pieces for him…

20170729_120359 (468x640)

We stuck them together, and this was the result, a wonderful rocket!

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Fruit Head

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Why has Max decided to put foam fruit wrap on his head you may ask.

I have no idea, but he sure does look pleased with himself.

20170729_105955 (480x640)

After a few moments, he decided he was a Power Ranger.

Boy, his imagination really does run wild!

Creams Parlour ~ Part Two

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As a treat for good behaviour on this particular day, I took Max back to Creams Parlour for some of his beloved ‘blue’ ice cream.

He spotted me pulling my phone out of my handbag, and instantly struck a pose.

20170623_152415 (480x640)

Max started to cheer when my Ferrero Rocher ice cream arrived. In fact, seconds after this picture was taken…

20170630_154541 (480x640)

I was told I was being mean if I did not share with him. Teddy too.

Are You Teaching Him to Serve?

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So… last Friday (11th August), Max and I attended Mass together again. He was too tired to go to preschool; to be fair, due to jury service/duty, he was there Monday to Wednesday way longer than he would usually be. He deserved another day off.

I was gutted once again, for not bringing my phone to Church. Not only did Max ring the bells again, but he served at the alter. After Father Peter washed his hands to prepare for breaking the bread (body of Christ), Max handed him the cloth/towel to dry his hands.  Well, well, well… a normally talkative boy was lost for words as everyone praised him for helping out. Finally, my ears had a little rest! Tee hee!

In addition, as we waited in line for our blessing, I knew Max was up to something with Teddy… as his turn approached, out shot his hand/arm, Teddy dangling. Father Peter bent down and blessed Max’s best friend. My heart sang.

20170804_102347 (480x640)

In a previous post, I spoke about a little door that is generally locked, but always seems to be open when I take Max to Church. This photo does not show just how scary it actually is. It’s tiny and dark. Even I’m scared and walk wide to avoid it.

20170804_102426 (480x640)

These figures are close to the door, so doesn’t help the fear factor either.

20170804_102412 (480x640)

As is this one. (You can see the doorway in the background). The despair on this chap’s face is just too much, so I took the photo from the front as he is crying out to the side.

After the service, an elderly lady asked if I was teaching him to serve, and that if I was, it would be a very good thing. She looked to pleased at the thought of a child taking such a step, I replied, “Wouldn’t that be wonderful?” She said it would, and wore a smile on her face until she was out of sight.

We’re looking forward to our next day off together.