A Recipe for Bedtime

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Baby, baby soft and sweet,
Almost good enough to eat!
It’s night-night time so come with me,
And hear my bedtime recipe.

A classic baby bedtime book with a perfect lullaby ending.

‘A brilliant bedtime story.’ ~ Guardian

My Review:

I must say, I was not expecting this book to so adorable! It rhymes, which is a hit with most children, so this is definitely a plus. And don’t worry; no children are eaten, although from the description, I thought that was indeed the case. Absolutely delightful.


Little Beaver and the Echo

Little Beaver and the Echo

Little Beaver lives all alone by the edge of the pond. He has no family and he has no friends. He’s a very sad ans lonely little beaver. But one day, when he starts to cry,, he hears someone else crying too, om the other side of the pond… So begins his touching quest for a friend.

“Gets the mixture, for the child and adult, exactly right and is a story of enormous charm.” ~ The Sunday Times

Making the Most of the Good Weather

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Not so long ago, the sun was out, so Max and I went to the park. It would be the last day we’d enjoy good weather. Recently, it’s been raining a lot, as well as the temperature has dipped quite a bit – especially at night.

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Max had a great time.

Unfortunately, we now have a long way to go before we will encounter good weather again. But at least we have built up great outdoor memories over spring and summer this year.

Leafy the Pet Leaf

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Today, join Finnegan, Floss, Peanut and Sprat for Bring in a Pet Day!

Finnegan has brought his puppy, Licky Dog. Floss has her cat, Podge. Peanut has her pet mouse, Pocket.

But what about Sprat, the littlest Adventurer of all?

He’s brought… LEAFY! And Sprat thinks Leafy is the best pet leaf in the whole wide world.

But… can a leaf really be a pet?

My review:

This is a great book about one child’s imagination, when he couldn’t find his pet cat. It explores different things a leaf could be, thus saving the day, making it fun. Cute story.

Well, That Explains It

20170815_175443 (640x638) (640x638)

Whilst travelling on the bus the other day, Max asked me what this sign meant. As I proceeded to explain it to him, the conversation went like this:

Max: No wait, mummy. I’ll tell you.

Me: OK.

Max: The first one is when I was growing in your belly.

Me: *giggle*

Max: The next one is me sitting on your lap.

Me: OK, Bubba.

Then there was a pause. So, I continued the conversation.

Me: What about the last one?

Max: Oh, that’s grandma with a stick!

Don’t think I could have explained it better myself!

(Grandma is his great-grandmother).

The London Eye

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Max and I visited the London Eye recently.

20170825_110530 (640x480)

Big Ben, which has now been silenced for the next four years whilst renovations are done.

20170825_111442 (480x640)

Brave Max looking down once we were almost at the top.

20170825_111351 (640x480)

Breathtaking views from the top.

20170825_111741 (480x640)

Max doing a jig to the air con.

20170825_111031 (640x480)

Another stunning view.

20170825_131445 (480x640)

It’s thirsty work being a toddler.

20170825_133743 (480x640)

So we had a spot of lunch at Max’s favourite place.