Honey Bee

20180107_141240 (640x401)

Toucan Box Theme: Honey Bee.

20180107_141925 (480x640)

Master Maximus at work with the body of the bee.

20180107_143655 (480x640)

Proud with the finished product, it really is the cutest bee I’ve ever seen!

20180107_144446 (480x640)

Now for the Bamboo Beehive,

20180107_144545 (480x640)


That’s one happy Little Yum-Yum!

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Other activities included:

20180107_144113 (640x448)

A welcome to the world of bees and Collecting Pollen,

20180107_144138 (640x445)

Identi-Bee which was a guessing game from the descriptions given.

20180107_144150 (640x446)

Thumbprint Colony involved paint which is always a plus for Max.

20180107_144201 (640x452)

How to draw a Queen Bee,

20180107_144214 (640x454)

Honey Joys, which look similar to Rice Krispies Treats,

20180107_144229 (640x445)

and lastly, Bee Match which Max was able to complete rather quickly, by himself.


Copycat Bear!

20180115_125545 (640x577)

Mango’s ginormous friend Blue copies everything she does. It’s a bit of a problem.

But when Mango flies off in a huff, Blue can’t follow and soon Mango starts to feel lonely. Where is her copycat bear?

‘An enchanting picture book about the joys of friendship’ ~ Baby & Me Magazine

My review:

This book is great! It teaches that wonderful friendships can blossom between different beings. On this particular occasion, between a bear and a bird. It has such a simple story line, yet brings across a powerful message in a way children can understand. I highly recommend it.

InnoTab Max Learning Software

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As part of his birthday and Christmas presents, Little Yum-Yum received a few ‘games’ for his InnoTab Max. However, these are educational, but encourages fun learning. The power Rangers characters/theme has been used for maths, Spider-Man for science, and DC Super Friends for Language Arts.

He hasn’t caught on yet. All he sees are superheros.

Maximus : 0 – Mummy : 1

What’s That Coming Down the Road?

20180106_153825 (480x640)

It’s Master Maximus in his camel costume!

I must say, it was a funny sight seeing a googly-eyed camel scooting down the road!

At least he made the public smile.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

20180108_130939 (640x566)

We’re going on a bear hunt.
We’re going to catch a big one.
What a beautiful day!
We’re not scared.

“A dramatic and comic masterpiece … a classic work for any age at any period.” ~ Independent on Sunday

My review:

Absolutely brilliant book, although a little sad at the end. We know the story from watching the short animated film year before last. Initially, the title made me believe they were setting out to find a bear to hurt it intentionally. What a relief it was to realise this was not the case. Phew!

Aboriginal Bowl

20171203_115957 (640x480)

Toucan Box theme: Aboriginal Bowl.

After blowing up the balloon, Little Yum-Yum gets cracking on applying glue to the paper strips, to stick to it.

It was left to dry overnight,

20171217_135017 (480x640)

ready to paint the next day.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of it painted because Max was playing with it.

20171203_125138 (472x640)

Let’s go on a Journey Down Under!

20171203_125224 (640x450)

Activities included G’Day Mate! and Find the Food,

20171203_125239 (640x460)

Aboriginal Art,

20171203_125254 (640x472)

and The Outback.

20171203_125314 (640x465)

As well as the game Great Barrier Battle which we enjoyed playing together.

20171203_125336 (640x465)

How to make Marsupial Sandwiches.

20171203_125353 (640x452)

And last, but not least, Aboriginal Dot Art.

20171203_125529 (466x640)

As it involved stickers, Max enjoyed this very much. However, by this point he was a little fed up with my taking photos of him, as he just wanted to get on with it!