Shopping List

20180204_135759 (640x466)

What a fun way to test your memory!

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The game encourages you to remember the items which are not on your list(s), and where they are. If you remember, you won’t turn over that card again, so you have a better chance of winning.

20180204_135452 (475x640)

Here’s Max checking to see if he has the item he’s revealed on one of his lists. (He likes to play with two lists sometimes).

20180204_135449 (500x640)

And the realisation it’s not. So entertaining!

On the box, it has the following educational guide:

  • Encourage observation and memory skills
  • Develop personal and social skills
  • Link with Early Learning Goals and National Curriculum English Key Stage 1

Valentine’s Day ’18

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Little Yum-Yum made this in school for me. It has made it to the Wall of Fame as it’s so beautiful. (Well, made it to one of the walls of fame, as much of his work covers pretty much, an entire room).

Whether you celebrated or not, Max and I hope you had a fantastic day, and your week is going well.

Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day ’18

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Pancake Day! Little Yum-Yum wanted pancakes with chocolate spread. No surprises there, as he wanted the same last year. However, I thought it would be nice to start from ‘scratch’, so bought a pancake shaker mix (ha!). I also bought back up ready made pancakes too, because I can’t actually make them!

20180213_151219 (578x640)

Max got to work shaking the pancake mix; first without water, then once water was added.

20180213_153125 (640x480)

The first attempt wasn’t too bad,

20180213_153131 (640x480)

the second one didn’t turn out very well.

20180213_153610 (526x640)

Max didn’t want to try ours, even though the last four turned out OK. He opted for the ready made ones (I knew it was a good idea to get backup).

20180213_153310 (640x480)

After adding chocolate spread,

20180213_153330 (480x640)

he tucked right in,

20180213_153949 (640x480)

wearing an ‘it wasn’t me’ look on his face!


Uh-Oh …

20180204_170155 (480x640)

Little Yum-Yum was in a panic the other day. Why? His beloved Teddy split open. The look on his face, along with “Mummy! Teddy’s hurt!” made me have to do something I simply don’t do … sew.

He made sure I used the right colour thread, and told me very firmly not to hurt Teddy.

20180207_123800 (480x640)

Once complete, Max checked my handiwork, then clung on to Teddy for a very long time. I’m just thankful I was able to mend him. I dread to think of his reaction if I couldn’t. He loves this worn out bear so much!

Wish Upon a Star

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If there was one thing that James wanted more than anything else, it was a new friend. He had just moved to a new area, and although he liked his new house, he missed his old friends.

My review:

This is such a cute story, whereby a little boy’s wish comes true. It reminds me of Little Yum-Yum being an only child, and how easily he makes friends. A delightful read to fall asleep to. It certainly puts a smile on my face.

Superhero Day

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Today is Superhero Day! Little Yum-Yum has gone to school dressed as his favourite superhero, Spider-Man! No, wait … Spider-Max!

20171226_124335 (372x640)

I’ve spoken with some of the other children and asked what Superhero they are going to be. I get more grins than I do answers! They are so excited!

20180207_111908 (482x640)

It’s also ‘Show & Tell’ day, so Max will be bringing along his Spider-Man toy.

20180209_082521 (480x640)

Spider-Max ready for school. I didn’t have the usual battle trying to get him out of bed this morning … I wonder why?